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GoliathTech's success is rooted in a laser-focused approach to offering customers innovative products and anchoring solutions for their residential, industrial, commercial, and municipal construction projects.

Putting you on the right path to success with exclusive access to our cutting-edge products and services.

Our GoliathTech helical (screw) pile system and our unique approach to identifying the best way to install helical screw piles depending on the type of project, soil, and environment are key reasons that we're #1 in our industry. And with approximately 160 home construction franchise units spread throughout North America, the UK, France and expanding daily, we are redefining anchoring solutions on a global scale.

Services & visibility strategies for the GoliathTech brand

We provide our franchisees with the technology, tools and expertise that are associated with the GoliathTech brand, as well as ongoing assistance. GoliathTech UK gives you training, sales and marketing support to help you grow your business using our product. 

Every new GoliathTech franchisee in the United Kingdom receives one-on-one training from one of our expert trainers

GoliathTech franchisees have access to engineering assistance and will receive sales and installation support (remote) after becoming certified. 

Proud to be GoliathTech franchisees

Our franchisees are proud to be associated with a quality brand that is recognized and respected within the industry. In terms of our commitment to making sure GoliathTech UK franchisees reach their target customers, we offer GoliathTech branding campaigns through social media, Google Ads, and many other marketing methods. We also offer every franchise territory exclusivity.

This can mean between 75,000 to 90,000 potential customers per territory. To reach potential customers in their territories, franchisees have the opportunity to launch their own local marketing campaigns. This way, our UK construction Franchisees can become better known to potential customers within their own geographic area. 

Products offered by GoliathTech

GoliathTech helical (screw) piles offer franchisees leading-edge technology with a high level of performance, strength, and ease of installation that far exceeds many of the outdated cement-based solutions that are offered by others out there.

If you are a franchisee with GoliathTech, you can then be sure that you’re offering the best screw pile foundation system available today and your customers will thank you for it.

Adapted to your equipment

We offer specialized equipment and adapters that will fit your current excavator and so that you can easily start to install GoliathTech helical (screw) piles. Our cutting-edge equipment guarantees optimal anchoring of each pile. There is no damage to the landscape or structure and the screw piles are ideal for a restricted space such as a backyard.

You can also install the helical (screw) piles year-round, which beats out other types of foundation options that can only be used or installed during the warmer months of the year. And because there's no dry time (compared to cement/concrete), you can easily do more jobs each day. More facilities means more sales.

Better than traditional concrete pillars formed using tubes, screw piles install quickly with no excavation or cure time required.

GoliathTech offers the best helical (screw) piles in the market, making them the best choice when deciding on a UK franchise opportunity in the construction industry.

Discover the steps to becoming a franchisee.

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What to expect

  1. Initial inquiry
    Call with our Franchise Sales Specialist to determine territory of interest, timeline and initial capital investment.
  2. Learn about GoliathTech and acquire a franchise
    Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Visit our manufacturing facility, fill out the required forms and provide financial and credit information. Sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee.
  3. Open your GoliathTech franchise Get certified with our 2-day training course (video conference or in-person). Order a starter-kit and place your first product order. Begin serving customers and become your own boss.