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GoliathTech : a top-ranking franchise construction company since 2004

Since its inception in 2004, GoliathTech has been a beacon of innovation and resilience in the construction industry. The leaders of this renowned franchise construction company have been consistently breaking new ground, driven by an insatiable appetite for challenge and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

This dynamic group, comprised of seasoned industry professionals, brings a diverse wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Always curious and ever-evolving, they embody a culture of continuous learning.

They understand the intricate nuances of franchise construction, and they are adept at navigating the unique complexities that this business model entails.

At the heart of GoliathTech’s success lies the collaborative spirit of its leaders. They draw profound inspiration from each other, fostering a work environment that is both invigorating and nurturing.

The network's camaraderie and mutual respect are palpable, breeding a sense of unity and purpose that permeates the entire organization. These leaders take immense pride not only in what they have built together but also in the substantial value they contribute to the larger GoliathTech family.

As a globally recognized brand in the realm of construction franchise companies, GoliathTech is a testament to the visionary leadership that has steered it to its preeminent position today.

In every project undertaken, they exemplify the power of collective effort and demonstrate a deep-seated dedication to setting new standards in the world of franchise construction.

Julian Reusing, CEO of the GoliathTech franchise construction company

Julian Reusing


Jacquelin Guillette, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations for the GoliathTech franchise construction company

Jacquelin Guillette

Vice President of Manufacturing Operations

Sophie Côté, MHI & Franchise Sales Specialist for the GoliathTech franchise construction company

Sophie Côté

MHI & Franchise Sales Specialist

Valérie Boutin, Executive Coordinator for the GoliathTech franchise construction company

Valérie Boutin

Executive Coordinator

Cynthia Goulet, Customer Service Supervisor for the GoliathTech franchise construction company

Cynthia Goulet

Customer Service Supervisor

Lynn Pitzul, Franchisee Legal Affairs & Compliance for the GoliathTech franchise construction company

Lynn Pitzul

Franchisee Legal Affairs & Compliance

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What to expect

  1. Initial inquiry
    Call with our Franchise Sales Specialist to determine territory of interest, timeline and initial capital investment.
  2. Learn about GoliathTech and acquire a franchise
    Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Visit our manufacturing facility, fill out the required forms and provide financial and credit information. Sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee.
  3. Open your GoliathTech franchise
    Get certified with our 2-day training course (video conference or in-person). Order a starter-kit and place your first product order. Begin serving customers and become your own boss.