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Since : 2018
Earning : $4 Million / Year

Do you know what a helical pile is? Chances are, unless you work in the construction industry, that the answer is probably not. That was the case for Darci, a franchisee who started her journey with GoliathTech a few years ago. “So, we were looking at different options for footings and came across GoliathTech and helical piles.” Darci said during a recent interview she did for the new GoliathTech website. “[And] the more we looked into it, the more we were intrigued.”

Keys to success

Although many franchisees have previously worked in the construction industry, that was not the case for Darci. Her story highlights one of the key traits that sets apart a successful entrepreneur from a failed one and that trait is pure drive! 

In fact, Forbes says that being a self-starter and having an eagerness to learn - one of the things Darci mentions in her interview, is one of the biggest factors that led to her success in the franchise industry. “It was really understanding the ins and outs and whys and hows. And that, I think, has been the critical aspect and the reason why we’ve been able to grow like we have.”

The road ahead

One challenge that Darci faced, in the beginning, was a lack of awareness surrounding helical pile foundation systems. “Most builders had never even heard of them.” She says while discussing her roller-coaster ride of a journey from looking up helical piles on Google to owning one of the top-performing franchises. “We were really the main ones to start [using them].” 

The most important thing in her eyes was to learn all she could about the product so that when people called, she would be armed with the information that they needed. “They’re not going to research themselves so as long as I’ve got those answers, I’ve got the solutions. That’s why we’ve had the success because we took the time to invest and understand.

A shift in thinking

Darci says that as she pushed forward with social media advertising and meeting with engineers, she was able to see a real change in people’s understanding of helical piles. “When we first started with GoliathTech, nobody knew what it was.” But after a few months of hard work, she was able to see a real change in the industry. “The next home show we went to, every time we’d say, “Hey have you seen this before?” people looked at us like they were almost offended. They’d say, “Of course, I’ve seen those on social media!”

When asked about what she’s most proud of, Darci says “being able to shift the perception and having it change an industry.” 

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- Darci Mock - Goliathtech of Utah

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GoliathTech is the most important manufacturer and installer in the helical (screw) pile industry and a top-ranking franchisor. Always at the forefront of our industry, we constantly innovate to realize our mission and vision of offering the highest quality products and services to customers around the globe.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to take control of your own growth potential, GoliathTech may be the perfect fit for you. With available markets all over the world, an opportunity for growth and expansion knows no bounds.

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