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You often don’t realize how skilled you are at a job or how much you’ll enjoy it until you try it out. Several years ago, a franchise owner hired Max Murray to run a franchise in Burlington, Vermont. Max managed the franchise for a number of years and was extremely good at it, yet something was missing for him.

Having been successful as a manager of a franchise gave him the confidence and drive to become a franchise owner. Unfortunately, the owners (his bosses) weren’t willing to give up the franchise as they wanted to keep running it. 

Still, with his dream in sight, Max left that company to work for another business where he had the opportunity to acquire company shares. Meanwhile, a couple of years passed and the first company wasn’t able to replace Max with an equally successful and savvy manager. Realizing that Max had been a key player in their business, the franchise owners called him back and offered him the opportunity to buy the franchise. 

Max leaped at the chance to own the franchise where he had once worked as an employee–and had initially set his sights on owning.  


Max says that once he launched his franchise his team was able to gain exposure in the local markets and show people the benefits of helical piles. 

We were really fortunate here in Vermont where we have a wide range of soils and a pretty deep frost line.” Marketing a product that works well in different soil types, including in extreme temperatures and climates, gave Max a leg up. The time factor was also hugely attractive to prospective clients.

Helical piles can save builder hours, sometimes days on a project which reduces labor costs greatly, explains Max. 

Our crew is in and out and moving onto other projects. That's very valuable with a short construction window here.

Another plus that Max cites is the fact that helical piles are low impact: They don’t disrupt the surrounding area as much as, say, concrete foundations. This means less damage to natural features and to nearby structures.


With a background in building and excavation Max was extremely impressed with the quality product, its applications, and engineering, so had no trouble selling it. Once he and his team began showing people the benefits of the GoliathTech product over traditional concrete applications, the company grew and grew. 

A feather in his cap at this time was making inroads in the renewable energy sector, namely the solar energy market. Building relationships with solar construction companies and individuals in this market was a boost for the company in its early stages.

We were able to get into the solar market, focusing on residential projects,” he explains.

Level of service

Max mentions the fact that combined with a great product is the excellent level of service that his franchise offers its customers.
At the end of the day, it's the level of service we give to our clients, whether they're existing clients, repeat clients or new clients.

Moment of pride

Maxwell Murray and baby son both wearing GoliathTech shirts Vermont

Max explains that the proudest moment of his business career was when he transitioned from running and growing the business for the previous owners to then purchasing the business from them and continuing to grow it.

As a business owner, your proudest moment is when your business blossoms; it's kind of like raising another child.

Successful product

Max mentions that this product is by far one of the greatest helical piles on the market due to its adaptability to a wide range of industries, whether it's residential construction, commercial construction, energy sectors, or municipal. 

We have the screw piles, we have the brackets, we have the support behind us to go after those jobs and be successful,” adds Max.

Today Max Murray runs one of GoliathTech’s top franchises in the US. That’s certainly something to be proud of!

Territories and areas served: 
Vermont State and west-south of New Hampshire, USA
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